Wednesday 17th October 2018

[SCALEWAY TICKETING] maintenance - Ticketing backend system to be upgraded, scheduled 1 year ago

Object : Scaleway ticketing system

What is done : Ticketing backend system will be upgraded on a more powerful platform to scale up our activity

Impact : Customer won't be able to create new tickets or update existing tickets during all the maintenance

Start : 21-Oct-2018 1300Z (1500LT)

Duration : We expect to complete the maintenance in between 2h and 4h.


21-Oct-2018 1310Z (1510LT)

Maintenance is in progress.
If you have any urgent request, don't forget that you can get in touch with our community and our staff members through Slack here :
However, please understand that our support staff is using Slack on "best effort", you might not get an instant answer.

We are working on the maintenance to restore services as fast as possible.

21-Oct-2018 1500Z (1700LT)

Maintenance is now finished, ticketing interface is up and running.