Tuesday 23rd October 2018

[DC3] Maintenance Master Pack “DG”, scheduled 1 year ago

[DC3] Maintenance Master Pack “DG”

  • During the maintenance of circuit breaker “DG” of an electric chain, the electrical chain will be switched on our generators, during the whole of operation. -In event of a fault on one of the generators of the electrical chains, generators of the chain F1, provided for this purpose, will ensure the recover of the load of impacted electrical chain.

31/10/2018: -Maintenance on breakers “DG” A; B and C.

02/11/2018: -Maintenance on breaker “DG” D ; F1 and F2 -Our teams and usual maintenance companies will be mobilized for the perfect workflow

Impacts on services: This intervention does not present any particular risk of service interruption and will be processed on worked hours.