Wednesday 31st October 2018

[DC3] Curative maintenance on battery of UPS, scheduled 1 year ago

[DC3] Curative maintenance on battery of UPS

We will do the curative maintenance of the inverters of electrical chains A, B, C and D the 7 november 2018. The inverters of these electrical chains supply racks of IT halls. Operations will be performed by our maintainer under our permanent supervision. UPS impacted :

ASI A1: 1 battery ASI B3: 1 battery ASI C2: 2 batterys ASI D2: 1 battery This maintenance requires isolating each UPS in order to intervene on the device. The downtime of an UPS is estimated to take 30 minutes. The operation will be done UPS by UPS and will have no impact on your equipments housed in our Datacenter : the others UPS of the electrical chain are sized to recover the load from the offline UPS

Start : 7-Nov-2018 0700Z 0800LT