Thursday 15th November 2018

DC3 Room 3-2 Racks D-E-F connection down.

Racks D-E-F in room 3-2 in DC3 have lost connectivity to the public network, our engineers are working on reestablishing the connection.


16/11/2018 00H50Z (0150LT)

Connectivity has been restored . Thank you for your patience.

15/11/2018 2040Z (2140LT)

Connectivity has been restored to all but E10-E11-E12, work is in progress.

15/11/2018 2030Z (2130LT)

Main issue identified (corrupt vlan database), fix in progress.

15/11/2018 2020Z (2120LT)

Hardware consistency verified, we are investigating a potential software issue whilst working on restoring connectivity.

15/11/2018 2000Z (2100LT)

Our datacenter and network teams are working on reestablishing the connectivity of your services.