Tuesday 18th December 2018

Mail [WEBHOSTING] Delay in email reception on WEB hostings

Our team has identified an issue delaying the reception of emails with WEB hostings (Perso, Pro, Business). There is no impact on CLOUD hostings or sending emails with any hosting. They are currently working on it to resolve it as quickly as possible.


18/12/18 1130Z (1230LT)

Some modifications were made in order to improve it. It is not resolved yet but it will be better in the meantime. We will let you know as soon as this issue is fully resolved.

21/12/18 13300Z (1430LT) Update :

One of our servers responsible for routing incoming emails through our email platform was in an infinite loop situation issue causing some of the incoming emails to be deferred and stored permanently in a queue.

The mail queue is configured to retry the sending of each email on a regular basis which worsened our overload issue and the mail queue to increase endlessly.

Our MTA are now routing all emails normally. No emails have been lost in the process.