Friday 28th December 2018

[BETA - Object Storage] Bucket listing unavailable on the console

We have been made aware of an issue preventing bucket listing on the Scaleway console. Our engineers are already working on it and a fix should be deployed soon.

The issue is only present on the console. Therefore, in the meantime, we suggest using CLI as everything is still available.

Next update by 12/28/18 1700Z (1800LT)


12/28/18 1709Z (1809LT)

One of the slaves of our authentication DB encountered a synchronization issue, which would then create 403 return codes on the console. We have isolated it in order to forward all requests on the up-to-date slaves, which in turn allows us to synchronize it without any impact. We will put it back in production once it's done. We are truly sorry for the inconvenience.