Tuesday 22nd January 2019

DC3 Network [Network] Link Issue France-IX

Our partner FRANCE-IX has identified a network issue on Paris
They are currently working to fix this issue ASAP.
In the meantime, we will re-route the traffic to avoid FRANCE-IXE until the issue is fixed on their end.
Next update once the re-routing is done.


22/01/19 1540Z (1640LT)

Re-routing is done. Everything is back to normal. If you are still encountering network issue on Paris, please contact our assistance.

22/01/19 1500Z (1600LT)

Re-routing is ongoing.

22/01/19 1450Z (1550LT)

Issue has been escalated.

23/01/19 1050Z (1150LT)

The issue has been fixed by France-IX and our team. Thank you for your cooperation.