Wednesday 23rd January 2019

DC3 DHCP issue on DC3/DC5


There is a DHCP issue affecting our services, servers may not obtain IPv4 and IPv6 leases. Any server rebooted or installed won't be able to reconnect as long as the issue persists. Our teams are working on a solution.

Next update by 23.01.19 0900Z (1000LT)


23.01.19 0614Z (0714LT)

The issue is now fixed

23.01.19 0200Z (0300LT)

Certain servers from DC2 may be also impacted.

23.01.19 0100Z (0200LT)

An issue was identified and further actions are needed in order to fully restore impacted servers.

23.01.19 0000Z (0100LT)

Issue has been escalated to local team