Thursday 31st January 2019

DC3 [DC3] Accident in Room: 4 4-6, Rack: F12.


We encountered an issue with switch in DC3, Room: 4 4-6, Rack: F12. Multiple servers may not be available cause of lost connection. We apologise for an inconvenience.


01.02.19 0935Z (1035LT)

Our network team fixed the issue and the rack is now available again. If you don't have access to your server yet, do not hesitate to check through KVM or perform a reboot in order to restart the services.

01.02.19 0045Z (0145LT)

Switch was replaced, however further steps have to be performed by our engineers to totally restore connection and make all impacted servers functional again.

31.01.19 0000Z (0100LT)

Issue was escalated to responsible team.