Tuesday 18th September 2018

[DC5] Major Maintenance - Relocation of hall 1-T - Sept. 18th, scheduled 1 year ago

The launch of our DC5 datacenter requires us to perform a major maintenance operation on Tuesday September 18th, from 6 am to 8 am (Paris time - UTC+2).

DC5 is a 24 MW datacenter of over 16,000 m² (over 170,000 sqft) with a targeted power usage effectiveness (PUE) of only 1.09.

During this intervention, servers will be temporarily unavailable as they will be disconnected and moved from room 1-T to room 1. Operations will be done by batches and we expect a one hour downtime.

To ensure the integrity of your data, we encourage you to backup your disks and shutdown your systems.

More information will be available in the upcoming days regarding operations’ timeframe per rack.

Thank you for your understanding.

18/09/18 14:20 UTC (16:20 Paris time)
  • The physical relocation of all servers has happened. 2 separated localized issues have appeared that can be followed here :
  • [DC5] Networking issues => https://status.online.net/incident/61
  • [DC5] Management interface unreachable on some servers https://status.online.net/incident/62 We are closing this status
18/09/18 12:40 UTC (14:40 Paris time)

B6 and B7 are now available again.

18/09/18 12:15 UTC (14:15 Paris time)

Following racks are up and pinging again : A4 - A5 - A6 - A7 - A8 - A9
Those servers have been unlocked from Maintenance mode.

18/09/18 12:05 UTC (14:05 Paris time)

Following racks are now up and pinging again : B5 - B8
Those servers have been unlocked from Maintenance mode.

18/09/18 11:20 UTC (13:20 Paris time)

Expecting the whole infrastructure to be completely migrated around 12:00 UTC (14:00 Paris time).
However, we are still experiencing and investigating network issues with switches.
Some of them are up but chained network isn't stable enough to restore services for now.
We will keep you updated.

18/09/18 10:00 UTC (12:00 Paris time)
  • 16 / 18 racks are in their final locations
  • Some issues reconnecting the switches
  • 1 rack is fully operational A11 - several others are starting progressively
18/09/18 09:25 UTC (11:25 Paris time)
  • B6 rack is now UP and pinging again. Services are being unlocked on the console.
  • B5 / B7 / B8 network equipment being restored right now.
18/09/18 08:50 UTC (10:50 Paris time)
  • Racks A10 A11 A13 A17 are being reconnected, network equipments are being restored.
  • A11 is fully up and pinging now, others are coming.
18/09/18 07:50 UTC (9:50 Paris time)
  • Network rack is up & running
  • 8 / 18 racks are in place and being connected progressively
18/09/18 07:00 UTC
  • Network rack is up & running
  • 4 / 18 racks are in place
18/09/18 06:10 UTC

The maintenance is on going. 50% complete (% rack moved out of their orginal location).

18/09/18 06:00 UTC

The maintenance is on going.

18/09/18 05:25 UTC

The maintenance has started on time at 04:00 UTC First racks are in place in their final location

14/09/18 07:04 UTC

The maintenance window schedule has been reduced from 2 days to one day. We plan to do the full move on the 18/09/18 (was before the 17th and 18th)