Thursday 18th April 2019

AMS1 [AMS Storage Object] Problems with actions issued from the console

A problem has been reported on AMS Storage Object platform. Actions initiated from the console are not working. The data remains available.

Next update by 04/19/19 1700Z (1900LT)


04/19/19 1000Z (1200LT)

Situation is back to normal with same level of redundancy. Closing the incident.

04/18/19 1700Z (1900LT)

The problem has been fixed. It remains few syncs that are on going but that do not impact the service.

04/18/19 1630Z (1830LT)

The problem has been identified and fix is in progress. ETA i1h

04/18/19 1600Z (1800LT)

The problem has been reported. The engineering team is fully engaged and investigating.