Monday 8th July 2019

[Paris core router bb2.dc3] Cisco firmware upgrade, scheduled 11 months ago

Location : DC3 - core router bb2.dc3

What is done : Upgrade the router firmware to the latest recommended by Cisco. The maintenance will be done in 2 steps to prepare the upgrade and then to apply.

Impact : This will perhaps lead to rerouting / latencies increases during the maintenance window

Preparation : 08-Jul-2019 0400Z (0600LT) - duration 2h
Full upgrade : 09-Jul-2019 0200Z (0400LT) - duration 5h

08-Jul-2019 UPDATE: Preparations are now done. We are ready to start the upgrade tomorrow in good conditions

09-Jul-2019 UPDATE: The upgrade is still ongoing. 45 minutes ago, our BGP convergence encountered an issue and some servers on DC2 Room 101, 202,203 had a disconnection for 15 seconds. Everything is back to normal.

09-Jul-2019 UPDATE 2: Upgrade is done correctly. We are having an issues with 2 power supplies on this routeur at the moment. We are working on fixing it.