Monday 10th September 2018

PAR1 Compute API Hard issue on a few Baremetal servers

Some of our Baremetal servers in Paris (around 100) are experiencing instability due to a hardware issue. It is currently being worked on by our engineers.

During this time, please do not perform any actions through the console and halt your processes if possible.

Thanks for your understanding.


11/09/2018 14:26 CET

Our monitoring reports that everything is back to normal. Thank you for your patience.

11/09/2018 10:33 CET

The servers are coming back up. We are monitoring to make sure everything stays in place.

11/09/2018 08:56 CET

The hardware is being replaced in order to fix the issue. Everything should be back up and running in a couple hours.

10/09/2018 20:30 CET

Our Network team is still working on the case. No further information for now.

10/09/2018 19:30 CET

Issue has been escalated to local team