Tuesday 10th September 2019

DC3 - Semi-annual maintenance of distribution pumps, scheduled 8 months ago

DC3 - Maintenance of distribution pumps

Location : DC3 Substation-A, Substation-B, Substation-C

What is done : We will perform the semi-annual maintenance of the distribution pumps. Operations will be performed by our maintainer under our permanent supervision, according to the following previsional schedule:

Wednesday November 6th: Sub-station A

Thursday November 7th Sub-station B

Friday November 8th Sub-station C

Substations A and B supply the chilled water network of the computer halls. Substation C supplies the chilled water network of the operators halls and the air handing units.

Impact : no impact for customers

Start : 6-Nov-2019 0700Z 0900LT

Duration : 3 Days