Tuesday 4th September 2018

[DC3] Semi - annual maintenance of chillers

We will do the semi-annual maintenance of the chillers from 04 to 13 September 2018, depending on the manufacturer’s maintenance range (see appendix). Operations will be performed by the manufacturer and supervised by our maintainer, according to the following previsional schedule:

  • 04/09 Chiller n°1 Substation A

  • 05/09 Chiller n°2 Substation A

  • 06/09 Chiller n°3 Substation A

  • 07/09 Chiller n°4 Substation B

  • 10/09 Chiller n°5 Substation B

  • 11/09 Chiller n°6 Substation B

  • 12/09 Chiller n°7 Substation C

  • 13/09 Chiller n°8 Substations A and B supply the chilled water network of the computer halls. Substation C supplies the chilled water network of the operators halls and the air handling units.

This maintenance will be carried out by the manufacturer under the permanent supervision of our maintainer. Since only one refrigeration unit is switched off at the same time, only the redundancy is degraded.