Monday 30th September 2019

DC5 [NETWORK] - Issue in DC5 Room 1 Rack C33 and D35

We have detected a network issue in DC5 room 1, rack C33 and D35

Both switches are not available for the moment and servers are not accessible.

We are working on fixing this as soon as possible.

*Next update by ##### 09.30.19 0800Z (1000LT)


09.30.19 0900Z (1100LT)

Rack D35 is now up

09.30.19 0713Z (0913LT)

Rack C33 is now up

09.30.19 0700Z (0900LT)

Rack D35 in DC5 is currently partially not reachable. Rack C33 in DC5 is not reachable. Actions are being taken at the moment to correct this

09.30.19 0530Z (0730LT)

Issue has been escalated to local team