Sunday 6th October 2019

[WEBHOSTING MAIL] - Mail receiving delay

We have detected mail reception delays and some errors on our webmail for certain webhosting related mail addresses.

We are currently investigating.


10.07.19 1645Z (1845LT)

Webmail access has been fixed.

10.07.19 1600Z (1800LT)

Webmail access has been suspended to help the emails locked to be sent.

10.07.19 7000Z (9000LT)

Mailing team is currently working on the platform having troubles. We are looking for a quick fix to restore access on reception and fix latent issue Mails are in a queue and there will be no mail loss, it will be processed once access is restored

10.06.19 0930Z (1130LT)

Issue has been escalated to local team