Thursday 24th October 2019

DC2 Explosion of one of our UPS

We just witnessed an explosion on one of our uninterruptible power supply in DC2.
So far, it is only impacting room 101 and we didn't notice any service interruption.

We will update this status as soon as we have additional details to share.


24/10/19 1650Z (1850LT)

Our provider has been called, a technician is coming on-site.

25/10/19 0730Z (0930LT)

Interventions are still being worked on at the moment. We had no downtime on services.

25/10/19 1105Z (1305LT)

Technicians are currently working repairing the UPS.

28/10/19 0900Z (1000LT)

We had to shut down and isolate this UPS. Technicians are still working on repairing it at the moment

29/10/19 1200Z (1300LT)

This UPS is now fixed and back in production. We had no downtime during this incident.