Friday 8th November 2019

SCW - Hypervisors Upgrade, scheduled 7 months ago

[PAR1, AMS1] BIOS and kernel upgrade on DEV1 and GP1 hypervisors

Location : PAR1, AMS1

What is done : We are about to upgrade our DEV1 & GP1 hypervisors. The operation will reboot the virtual machine and takes several minutes of downtime. Network configuration will be maintained but connectivity is lost during the reboot.

implement kernel upstream changes committed by Scaleway contributors for new upcoming features, implement vendor BIOS upgrade to fix major availability issues and improve performances of our DBaaS product, implement Ubuntu bugfix to the snapshot functionality to improve reliability of snapshots. Impact : 20 minutes downtime (per hypervisor)

Email notification will be sent and it will be providing more details about the expected time of downtime per hypervisor.

Duration : 7 Days on Paris region & 5 days on Amsterdam region

Start : 18-Nov-2019 1000Z 1200LT (Paris)
Start : 18-Nov-2019 1000Z 1300LT (Amsterdam)
End : 26-Nov-2019 1600Z 1800LT (Paris)
End : 22-Nov-2019 1200Z 1400LT (Amsterdam)