Tuesday 19th November 2019

DC3 DC3 - Power Issue

We are currently experiencing a power issue in DC3 room 4-5 rack : A5 - A8 - C17- C18.

The public and rpn switchs are down.

Racks that were impacted as well but were fixed directly : Room 3-2 Racks E14 and E15 // Room 4-6 Rack E17 // Room 3-5 Rack A5

Team in charge is already investigating to solve it as soon as possible.


19.11.19 1230Z (1330LT)

All racks are now up and running

19.11.19 1215Z (1315LT)

4-5 rack A5 is now back online

19.11.19 1200Z (1300LT)

4-5 rack A8 is now back online

19.11.19 1150Z (1250LT)

Hardware replacement is ongoing in room 4-5 on racks A5 and C17 to restore access

19.11.19 1120Z (1220LT)

Issue has been escalated to local team