Friday 22nd November 2019

[DC3] Maintenance on high-voltage delivery station, scheduled 7 months ago

[DC3] Maintenance on high-voltage delivery station DATA1 and sub-station A/C/F1

Location : DC3

What is done : We will proceed to a cells maintenance to “DATA 1”, sub-station “A/C/F1” and electrical protection tests. The electrical load of DC3 has to be supplied from delivery station “DATA 2” before the maintenance. After the maintenance of “DATA1” the load of sub-stations “A/C/F1” and “B/D/F2” will be switched back to “DATA1”. The electrical load will be supplied from generators during the HV operations.

Impact : None

Start : 10-Dec-2019 0700Z 0800LT

Duration : 10 hours