Tuesday 26th November 2019

Console Internal issue with ticketing system

Our teams noticed an internal issue regarding tickets' display on our internal tools.
Our support team is currently unable to process pending request while we are investigating the issue.

Should you have any urgent issue, please get in touch with our support team directly through Slack :
Channels :

  • #community (english)
  • #community-fr (french)


11.26.2019 1830Z (1930LT)

Issue has now been fixed.
Creating ticket is available again and we are able to process pending requests accordingly.
Our team will do its best to process all pending tickets as fast as possible.

11.26.2019 1720Z (1820LT)

Ticket creation has been disabled on customer's console, since we aren't able to retrieve these tickets on our backend.
Please use Slack should you have any urgent request.
Our teams are still investigating the issue.