Friday 10th January 2020

[DC3] Maintenance of chillers, scheduled 5 months ago

[DC3] Maintenance of chillers

Location: DC3

What is done: We will do the semi-annual maintenance of the chillers, according to the following schedule :

Chiller n°8: 27/01
Chiller n°7: 28/01
Chiller n°1: 29/01
Chiller n°2: 30/01
Chiller n°3: 31/01
Chiller n°4: 03/02
Chiller n°5: 04/02
Chiller n°6: 05/02

Impact: No impact is to be expected.

Start: 27-Jan-2020 0730Z 0830LT
End: 05-Feb-2020 1630Z 1730LT

Duration : 8 days