Monday 20th January 2020

[DC5-A] Scheduled maintenance Room 120 - Racks G15, G16, B17, scheduled 5 months ago

A scheduled maintenance is planned in DC5-A (Room 120 - Racks G15, G16, B17) in order to optimize and upgrade our infrastructure.

It will be done gradually on the racks, in the same order as in the object of the maintenance.

As a result servers will lose their public network connectivity as our switches are being upgraded, but private network connectivity will still be functional. It will come back gradually following the scheduled upgrades.

Updates will be posted below as the maintenance is going on.

Start : February 5th, 2020 - 0600Z (0700LT)

Duration : 2 hours


05.02.20 0730Z (0830LT)

All servers are up and running. Do not hesitate to contact our support team should you have any issue

05.02.20 0708Z (0808LT)

Operations are starting for B17

05.02.20 0705Z (0805LT)

G16 is up and running. Preparations for B17 begin

05.02.20 0635Z (0735LT)

Operations are starting for G16

05.02.20 0630Z (0730LT)

G15 is up and running. Preparations for G16 begin

05.02.20 0600Z (0700LT)

Operations are starting for G15