Wednesday 22nd January 2020

Global Backbone Fiber cut in Villejuif/Vitry area due to public road works.

We have been made aware that a fiber cut happened in Villejuif / Vitry area (near Paris) a few minutes ago.
Investigations and traffic rerouting are currently in progress to limit impact on production infrastructures as much as possible.

We will update this status as soon as we have additional details to share.


24/01/2020 1340Z (1440LT)

All links are now up and routing is nominal

23/01/20 1030Z (1130LT)

Repairs on the fiber that has been damaged by a heavy construction vehicle are now at 50 percent advancement

22/01/20 1900Z (2000LT)

Incident location has been identified and our fiber supplier and its repair teams are on site

22/01/20 1500Z (1600LT)

The issue is currently being mitigated as we speak, so there is no loss or saturation. Mitigations are done on our other fibers. Routing might not be optimal for outgoing traffic from Amsterdam to some destinations This is impacting redundancy to DC5-A (public and private network).

22/01/20 1430Z (1530LT)

Issue escalated to Network team, under investigation.