Thursday 30th January 2020

DC5 Network Fiber Cut on DC5

We have now 400G instead of 800G between DC2/DC3 Core backbone and DC5 Aggregators ADVA transmission amplifiers are fine but simply no signal. No impact until DC3 <> DC5 span is not affected Opened ticket to Sipartech supplier / provider of the dark fiber.


30/01/20 1050Z (1150LT)

Our provider has moved the cable for works and since then, we identified the cut. We are working with them closely to fix it as soon as possible. The technician has been dispatched and should be on-site around 3.00pm

30/01/20 1950Z (2050LT)

Technicians have fixed the problem but we still have an increased attenuation between TH2 and DC5. Technicians are still searching where it comes from. Traffic is flowing through the redundant fibers' pair.

31/01/20 0!30Z (0930LT)

The link has been fixed and is now up