Wednesday 25th March 2020

[DC3] Scheduled maintenance in room 3-1, racks A to C, scheduled 3 months ago

A scheduled maintenance is planned in part of room 3-1 in order to optimize and upgrade our infrastructure.
Impacted racks are the following : A1 to A24, B1 to B24, C1 to C23.

Public traffic should not be impacted by the maintenance.
However, please note that you may experience some small traffic disruption during router uplink's relocation.

Private network connectivity will not be impacted.

Start : March 26th, 2020 - 0900Z (1000LT)
Duration max : 180(+60) minutes


2020-03-26 1600Z (1700LT)

Due to the other maintenance (status 758). we had some issues / drops / loss between 16.09LT and 16.22LT on the racks mentionned here but it is now under control?

2020-03-26 1240Z (1340LT)

Operation is complete and everything is running as expected

2020-03-26 1130Z (1230LT)

We had some issues / routing loops in the network while migrating this router. This could create issues / drops / loss between 11.40LT and 12.20LT The maintenance will be extended for 60 minutes.