Tuesday 21st April 2020

[DC3] Scheduled maintenance in Room 4-3 / Racks : C1→C22;D1->D22;E1->E21;F1→ F21, scheduled 3 months ago

A scheduled maintenance is planned in part of the room 4-3, DC3, in order to optimize and upgrade our infrastructure. The impacted racks are : C1→C22;D1->D22;E1->E21;F1→ F21

As a result, servers will lose their public network connectivity during less than 15s as our router will be moved to another equipment, but private network connectivity will still be functional.

If your server is in the racks listed above, you will receive a ticket on your account.

Start : April 30th, 2020 - 0600UTC (0800LT)

Maintenance window : 180 minutes


04.30.2020 0629Z (0829LT)

Migration started, physical shift in progress

ipv6 disruption planned at 0645UTC (0845LT)

ipv4 disruption planned at 0655UTC (0855LT)

04.30.2020 0657Z (0857LT)

Traffic shifted, we’ll move remaining links

04.30.2020 0736Z (0936LT)

Migration done