Friday 15th May 2020

DC2 [DC2] Room 202-A - Zone 202-A - Rack A2 - Unavailability

We have detected that some DC2 servers located Room : 202-A - Zone 202-A - Rack A2 are unreachable at the moment. We are doing our best to restore the issue as soon as possible; our teams are informed and are already investigating.

We will update this status as soon as we have additional details to share. We apologize for the inconvenience.


05.15.2020 0635Z (0835LT)

The issue has been identified and fixed : an SPF module was defective and was replaced. Everything is back to normal. Do not hesitate to restart your servers, or contact support.

05.15.2020 0615Z (0815LT)

Issue has been escalated to local team