Wednesday 20th May 2020

[DC3] Preventive electrical maintenance of generators, scheduled 1 month ago

[DC3] Preventive electrical maintenance of generators

We’re going to carry out the preventive electrical maintenance of generators.

The maintenance will be performed electrical chain by electrical chain, so that super-rescue generators (chain F1) can recover the load, in the event of an electrical incident coming from the usual network of energy supply.
Maintenance will be carried out according to the following forecast schedule:

  • Chaine A : 22/06
  • Chaine B : 23/06
  • Chaine C : 24/06
  • Chaine D : 25/06
  • Chaine F1 : 29/06
  • Chaine F2 : 30/06

Every evening, generators on which maintenance has been done will be put back into service.
No generator will remain out of service in absence of the maintenance company

Impact : Degradation of electrical redundancy

Start : 22-Jun-2020 0630Z (0830LT)
End : 30-Jun-2020 1530Z (1730LT)