Thursday 11th June 2020

[DC3] Semi-annual maintenance of chillers, scheduled 1 week from now

[DC3] Semi-annual maintenance of chillers

We will do the semi-annual maintenance of the chillers, according to the manufacturer’s maintenance range.
Operations will be performed by the manufacturer and supervised by our maintainer, according to the following previsional schedule:

  • Monday 17/08: Chiller n°1, Substation A
  • Tuesday 18/08: Chiller n°2, Substation A
  • Wednesday 19/08: Chiller n°3, Substation A
  • Thursday 20/08: Chiller n°4, Substation B
  • Friday 21/08: Chiller n°5, Substation B
  • Monday 24/08: Chiller n°6, Substation B
  • Monday 31/08: Chiller n°7, Substation C
  • Tuesday 01/09: Chiller n°8, Substation C

Substations A and B supply the chilled water network of the computer halls.
Substation C supplies the chilled water network of the operators halls and the air handling units.

Impact : None expected

Start: 17-Aug-2020 0630Z (0830LT)
End: 01-Sep-2020 0330Z (0530LT)