Monday 15th June 2020

AMS1 [AMS1] Switch h6-6b52-3 down

[AMS1] Switch h6-6b52-3 down

A switch in AMS1 connecting h6-6b52-3 is down. The repair team has been alerted of this and it will be addressed shortly.


06.15.20 1642Z (1842LT)

The replacement has been successfully completed

06.15.20 1624Z (1824LT)

Ongoing replacement

06.15.20 1409Z (1609LT)

The transceiver has been changed on the router, with no effect. Now, we're waiting a technician, to change it on switch side

06.15.20 1409Z (1609LT)

Ticket has been created to replace the switch optical transceiver

06.15.20 1343Z (1543LT)

Issue has been escalated to local team