Tuesday 30th June 2020

DC5-A Network Loss of RPN network redundancy

We are noticing an issue with one of our two RPN links in DC5-A.
The other link is still up but no redundancy is assured until it has been sorted out.


02/07/20 1430Z (1630LT)

The issue has been fixed. Everything is back to normal.

1/07/20 1530Z (1730LT)

All teams are still working on the issue at this time. Cable pulling work has started. We will keep you updated about our progress.

30/06/20 1430Z (1630LT)

All our teams are still working to solve this collective outage.
The area where to search for the point of impact has been significantly reduced.

30/06/20 0800Z (1000LT)

Our Network team is aware of the issue and working on it.
Awaiting further updates.