Friday 10th July 2020

PAR1 Compute API DEV1 boot/stop issues

We noticed that some DEV1 instances are getting stuck on boot and returning in OFF state.
Main reason is we currently have no available stock in this server range, and we are actively working to power up some additional hypervisor in order to allow booting instances.

We are also facing another issue with some DEV1 instances getting stuck stopping while it was planned to migrate them from a hypervisor to another (because of a failing RAID).
Our teams are working on it.

We will update this status as soon as we have additional details.


10/07/20 1440Z (1640LT)

Some additional hypervisors have been deployed, which will help to boot up some additional instances.
We are still working on adding more hypervisors in production, the issue is solved.

10/07/20 1230Z (1430LT)

Issue identified by our product team.
We are working on deploying new hypervisors asap.
We are awaiting further details regarding next steps.