Sunday 14th October 2018

Mail Webmail connexion failure following password update


Webmail accounts may be unavailable following a password update from your console. We are currently investigating this issue.

Next Update 16/10/2018


18/10/2018 1415Z (1615LT)

Mail boxes should be fully available from now on. If you have modified your password recently it could take a few minutes to be updated. Do not hesitate to contact our assistance if you experience any issue.

18/10/2018 1330Z (1530LT)

Mail boxes are now available using your previous password, but updates are not going through. If you changed your password you will not be able to access the box but we are still working on it to resolve it completely.

18/10/2018 0900Z (1100LT)

The platform is not answering correctly, our product team is working on it. Once this part is fixed all mails boxes should be reachable.

15/10/2018 1540Z (1740Z)

Optimization is still on going with fix ETA by tomorrow. Service should be operational again.

15/10/2018 0950Z (1150Z)

The resolution is ongoing as we are optimizing services over our platforms. Access are being restored over time.

14/10/2018 0900Z (1100LT)

Issue has been escalated to local team