Monday 20th July 2020

[DC5] Emergency maintenance (follow up of status 849), scheduled 2 weeks ago

Following the operations in the status :

We have detected a faulty hardware and a replacement will be needed. As we proceed with the replacement, servers listed in the status 849 will experience issues with their public network (RPN will still work) during a maximum of 2 hours.

As a reminder, the impacted racks the same than in status 849 (following are their previous and new locations) :

Previously : H1;H2:H3;H4;H5;H6;H7;H8;H9;H10;H11;H12;H13;H14;H15;H16;H17

Now : A34;A36;A37;A38;A39;A40;A41;A42;A43;A44;A45;A46;A47;A48;A49;A50;A51

Start : July 20th, 2020 - 2000UTC (2200LT)

End : July 20th, 2020 - 2200UTC (0000LT)


#####Update: 20/07/20 2000Z (2200LT) No hardware replacement has been necessary. Fixed upon reboot.