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Scheduled Maintenance
[RPN] - Switch maintenance DC5-A Rack B17

[RPN Switch] Switch maintenance DC5-A Rack B17

Location : DC5-A Rack B17

What is done : We will need to power off the RPN switch in DC5-A rack B17 in order to maintain it.

Impact : RPN network will not be reachable during the maintenance.

Start : 17-Dec-2019 1100Z 1200LT

Duration : 60 minutes

Past Incidents

Saturday 14th December 2019

No incidents reported

Friday 13th December 2019

No incidents reported

Thursday 12th December 2019

No incidents reported

Wednesday 11th December 2019

AMS1 Compute API [SCALEWAY] AMS C2 Instances Unavailability

Our teams have identified an issue that affects some C2 instances in the AMS1 region.

Affected instances are unreachable and administrative actions (stop, reboot, etc.) on these do not work properly and get stuck.


12.11.19 1030Z (1130LT)

Issue has been escalated to local team

12.11.19 1330Z (1430LT)

The issue is now fixed.

[SCALEWAY] Instances actions issues

Actions (stop and reboot) on instances on our older platforms (VC1 and START1) can result in an error leaving the instance in a transient state.


12.12.19 1600Z (1700LT)

The fix has been deployed on our platforms and actions are working again

12.11.19 1600Z (1700LT)

The product team has identified the root cause and working on a fix

12.11.19 0900Z (1000LT)

Issue has been escalated to local team

Tuesday 10th December 2019

PAR1 Compute API Instance rebooting

We have detected a problem impacting some instances, these can be blocked in rebooting / starting / stopping.

Our teams are currently working to solve this problem


10/12/19 0945Z (1045LT)

Issue has been escalated to local team

10/12/19 1245Z (1345LT)

The issue is now fixed.

Monday 9th December 2019

SCW - Hypervisors Upgrade, scheduled 5 days ago

[PAR1, AMS1] BIOS and kernel upgrade on DEV1 and GP1 hypervisors

Location : PAR1, AMS1

What is done : We are about to upgrade our DEV1 & GP1 hypervisors. The operation will reboot the virtual machine and takes several minutes of downtime. Network configuration will be maintained but connectivity is lost during the reboot.

Implement kernel upstream changes committed by Scaleway contributors for new upcoming features, Implement vendor BIOS upgrade to fix major availability issues and improve performances of our DBaaS product, Implement Ubuntu bugfix to the snapshot functionality to improve reliability of snapshots. Impact : 20 minutes downtime (per hypervisor)

Email notification will be sent and it will be providing more details about the expected time of downtime per hypervisor.

Start : 09-Dec-2019 1100Z 1200LT (Paris)
Start : 09-Dec-2019 1100Z 1200LT (Amsterdam)
End : 18-Dec-2019 1400Z 1500LT (Paris)
End : 11-Dec-2019 1500Z 1600LT (Amsterdam)
Console Payment issue

We are currently having an issue with the update and modification of the payment method. The incident also impacts the "Pay" button next to the unpaid invoice.

Any attempt results in error.

We truly apologize for any inconvenience that it may cause.


12.09.19 2345Z (0045T+1D)

The issue has been identified and is being corrected.

12.09.19 1945Z (2045T)

Issue has been escalated to local team

PAR1 Compute API Instance creation instability

Our team noticed instabilities for creating instances and restarting your instances on PAR region.

These instabilities impact Instances, Object Storage, Kubernetes, Databases, Load-Balancer and Container Registry.

We are currently investigating the issue and will update this status accordingly as soon as possible.


12.09.19 1815Z (1915LT)

Issue was fixed.

12.09.19 1020Z (1120LT)

Issue has been escalated to the product team.

Sunday 8th December 2019

No incidents reported