[DC3] Curative maintenance on triple locking system inverter on DN / DR / DS of TGBT C
Scheduled Maintenance Report for Scaleway
The scheduled maintenance has been postponed for later. We will create a new status as soon as we have the information on when it is scheduled for the better warning.
Posted May 11, 2022 - 10:11 CEST
Following tests on generator of Datacenter, we have identified a malfunction of the DR circuit breaker (Generator of chain) at the level of
triple circuit breaker inverter DN / DR / DS on TGBT C.

Following an expert evaluation by the manufacturer Schneider Electric, it was recommended to completely replace the triple locking
system between the DN / DR / DS circuit breakers and to carry out new tests with no load, then with load.

To do this, we will have to shut down the TGBT of the C electrical chain and switch its electrical load to the 3 other A-B-D electrical chains

supplying the computer rooms. Our “Hexacore” design allows this type of maintenance to be carried out while maintening the continuity
of service of your installations bbut downgrading thir level of redundancy to N.

The computer rooms concerned will be as follows :
- Room 1
- Room 2
- Room 3 – Module 3-3
- Room 3 – Module 3-4
- Room 3 – Module 3-6
- Room 4 – Module 4-3
- Room 4 – Module 4-4
- Room 4 – Module 4-6
- Operator Room 1

For Dedibox servers, there should be no impact as servers have double power supply or on a STS channel. But we always advise to prepare yourself for this kind of operations as if anything happens, a short downtime might be experienced.

The electrical load of your computer racks supplied on one of the 2 electrical channels by the electrical chain C (TDHQ with blue label) will be switched to the second electrical channel of the computer rack.

Make sure you have properly connected your dual-powered equipment to the 2 electrical channels made available in each rack so that
the scale can operate safely :

- Your equipment must be powered by both electrical channels. (dual 2N supply)
- Your mono-powered equipment must be powered on the STS channel.

Here are the different stages of the intervention :

- D Day : Switching the load of channel C to the other channels.
- D+1 Day : Shutdown of the TGBT C at 8 a.m + Maintenance + Recommissioning of the TGBT C + Off-load tests
- D+2 Day : Switching of the load to the C chain + Generator Load tests.

These interventions will be piloted and supervised by the Scaleway Datacenter teams with the manufacturers and maintainers of Schneider Electric and Eaton, as well as our generator set maintainer until their perfect completion.
Posted Apr 26, 2022 - 15:55 CEST
This scheduled maintenance affected: Dedibox - Datacenters (DC3).