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Maintenances and incidents regarding our services, networks and datacenters can be followed here.

Past Incidents

Monday 17th June 2019

Global Backbone [PAR1] Scaleway network maintenances

During the week, we will upgrade our network on our compute instances every days. Upgrades will be started between 10am and 11am (CEST). A small network flap might happen (about 0.5 second) No other downtime should be seen.

It concerns only GP, DEV and GPU instances

Sunday 16th June 2019

No incidents reported

Saturday 15th June 2019

No incidents reported

Friday 14th June 2019

DC2 [DC2] Room 101 Rack H37 not answering

DC2, Room 101 Rack H37 has an electrical issue. Servers are not answering for the moment.

We are doing our best to fix this as soon as possible.

UPDATE: Issue is now over, all the servers were restarted during the process. They are now answering

Thursday 13th June 2019

[SCALEDAY] [ASSISTANCE] Ralentissement du traitement de tickets / Ticket processing slowdown - 13/06/2019, scheduled 4 days ago


Le ScaleDay est la grande journée de l'année 2019, nous y célébrerons avec vous les 20 ans d'Online et les avancées exceptionnelles de Scaleway.

Ce grand événement réunira nos clients ainsi que nos collaborateurs, par conséquent des ralentissements dans le traitement des tickets d'assistance sont à prévoir.

Si vous n'êtes pas encore enregistré pour le ScaleDay, n'hésitez pas à vous inscrire et rejoignez-nous dans cette aventure :

Nous vous remercions sincèrement pour votre compréhension et vous souhaitons un joyeux ScaleDay !



ScaleDay is the big event of 2019, together we will be celebrating Online's 20th anniversary with a special focus on Scaleway's exceptional evolution.

This major event will bring together you, our most loyal customers, and all of our employees. This may result in a slower processing of support tickets.

If you have not registered for ScaleDay yet, feel free to register and join us on this adventure :

We sincerely thank you for your understanding and wish you an happy ScaleDay  !

[DC3] Electrical maintenance - Short loss of redundancy, scheduled 4 days ago

Location : DC3 - Generator link test

What is done : Switching to a different power link to run diagnostics, during the maintenance power redundancy will be maintained via battery.

Impact : No impact expected - Loss of redundancy

Start : 13-June-2019 0900Z 1100LT

Duration : 2 hours

Wednesday 12th June 2019

No incidents reported

Tuesday 11th June 2019

DC5 [DC5] Optic maintenance - Room 1 Rack D29

We need to change an optic on DC5 Room 1 - Rack D29 The servers running on the rack will encounter a downtime for a few seconds.

Start : 11-June-2019 1440Z 1540LT

Duration : 2 minutes


The optic has been replaced. No error encountered.
Everything is back to normal after our intervention. If not, please contact our assistance.