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Scheduled Maintenance
Refrigeration units preventive maintenance

We will undertake a preventive maintenance on our refrigeration units on DC3.

Impact: Minor loss of redundancy, no customer impact.

START: 10-Oct-2019 0630Z 0830LT

END: 11-Nov-2019 0330Z 0530LT

DC3 - Redundancy test of DC3 electrical generators

DC3 electrical generators - Redundancy test of DC3 electrical generators

Location : DC3 What is done : As part of the preventive maintenance of the Datacenter, we will proceed to a redundancy test of the Datacenter infrastructure. The operation consists of simulating a power failure on the MVLBs and validating the electrical load recovery and working on generator for 4 hours. Impact : no impact on client servers

Start : 11-Oct-2019 0700-1400Z 900-1600LT

Duration : 4 hours


Upgrade over the RPN network between AMS1 and DC3

Network supplier must perform maintenance on his Network. Maintenance window is from October 26th, 2019 at 10:00 pm UTC to October 27th, 2019 at 4:00 am UTC. The expected Impact length is 6 hours at the maximum, during the maintenance window

Impact : Downtime on the rpn network between AMS1 and DC3

Start : 26-Oct-2018 2200Z 0000LT

It will last : 6 hours

DC3 - Semi-annual maintenance of distribution pumps

DC3 - Maintenance of distribution pumps

Location : DC3 Substation-A, Substation-B, Substation-C

What is done : We will perform the semi-annual maintenance of the distribution pumps. Operations will be performed by our maintainer under our permanent supervision, according to the following previsional schedule:

Wednesday November 6th: Sub-station A

Thursday November 7th Sub-station B

Friday November 8th Sub-station C

Substations A and B supply the chilled water network of the computer halls. Substation C supplies the chilled water network of the operators halls and the air handing units.

Impact : no impact for customers

Start : 6-Nov-2019 0700Z 0900LT

Duration : 3 Days

DC3 - Preventive maintenance of air-handling units

DC3 - Preventive maintenance of air handling units

Location : DC3

What is done : preventive maintenance of air handling units will be performed on the whole site.

Thursday November 12th: Room 01 and 02

Wednesday November 13th: Room 03 and 04

Thursday November 14th: TGBT A and B

Friday November 15th: TGBT C and D

Monday November 18th: TGBT F1 and F2

Impact : loss of redundancy during the preventive maintenance of a TGBT air handling unit. No impact on TGBT cooling.

Start : 12-Nov-2019 0700Z 0900LT

Duration : 5 Days

Past Incidents

Saturday 6th July 2019

No incidents reported

Friday 5th July 2019

No incidents reported

Thursday 4th July 2019

[DC3] - Electrical Maintenance, scheduled 2 months ago

We will carry out maintenance on the DC3 electrical network, the entire load will be switched to our generators.

No impact is expected.

Start : 04-Jul-2019 0600Z (0800LT)

Duration : 10 hours

UPDATE: Maintenance is now done

Wednesday 3rd July 2019

No incidents reported

Tuesday 2nd July 2019

No incidents reported

Monday 1st July 2019

Compute Nodes [GPU] Issue provisioning nodes

We have detected issues on launching new GPU instances and stopping instances.

We are currently working on fixing this.

UPDATE: We have now fixed the issue. GPU instances are now booting and stopping normally

Sunday 30th June 2019

DC2 Network [DC2] Switch unavailability - Room : 202-A ; Rack : B12

We have detected an issue on the switch for this rack. Our datacenter and network teams are working on it to restore the service as quickly as possible.


06/30/2019 1850Z (1950LT)

The issue has been fixed. Everything is back to normal.

06/30/2019 1750Z (1850LT)

The product team has identified the root cause and working on a fix

06/30/2019 1730Z (1830LT)

Issue has been escalated to local team