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Scheduled Maintenance
[DC3] - Switch Maintenance - Room 4-3 Rack E21

We will need to replace the switch in DC3 Room 4-3 Rack E21

The replacement will last about 15min.

Servers will be rebooted on our side to populate the DHCP snooping database.

During this time, all the servers won't be reachable over the public network

Start : 23-Jul-2019 0800Z 1000LT

Duration : 15 minutes

Preventive maintenance due to current heatwave

On 24th & 25th July we will reach record highs, with 42°C being the highest recorded temperature in the last 20 years.
This will be a challenge for our equipment and teams, but everyone is mobilized, and exceptional means have been put in place to keep everything up and running.

This status has been created preemptively and will be updated on July 24th as needed.

Risk evaluation per DC : DC2 High DC3 Very High DC4 No risk DC5 Low risk

[Paris core router bb1.dc3] Router upgrade

Location : Paris - core router bb1.dc3

We are planning to upgrade the router firmware to the latest recommended by Cisco. The maintenance will be done in 2 steps to prepare the upgrade and then to apply.

Impact : This might lead to rerouting / latencies during the maintenance window. All Paris DCs are impacted.

Preparation : 30-Jul-2019 0400Z (0600LT) - duration 2h
Full upgrade : 31-Jul-2019 0200Z (0400LT) - duration 5h

UPDATE: Maintenance was planned for the 23th and 24th, due to high temperatures, we are changing the dates for the 30th and 31st.

TGBT C – DRC control relays replacement

Following a fault on TGBT C DRC control observed on June 12 and the fault identification on June 18 we will replace the PLC control relays and carry out a load test to confirm the installation is fully operational.

impacts: This intervention does not present any particular risk of service interruption and will be processed on worked hours.

Start : 19-August-2019 1200Z (1400LT)

Duration: 4 hours

DC3 - Semi-Annual Refrigeration Units Maintenance

We will carry out the semi-annual maintenance of the refrigeration units.

No impact is expected.

Start : 23-Aug-2019 0600Z 0800LT

End : 03-Sept-2019 1530Z 1730LT

Past Incidents

Friday 14th December 2018

[NETWORK] Global Backbone - Network provider maintenance, scheduled 7 months ago

A preventive maintenance is planned by one of our network providers, you may experience network issues between Amsterdam and Paris (slowness, higher latency...) on both Public and Private links.

Start time : December 14th, 2018 2200Z (2300LT)
End time : December 15th, 2018 0400Z (0500LT)

Tuesday 11th December 2018

[ODS] Scheduled instances reboot, scheduled 7 months ago

In order to improve stability on our ODS solution, we are scheduling a short maintenance on ODS instances.
Services will be restarted by batch, starting at 0800LT (0700Z) and ending around 1000LT (0900Z).

Impact : Services will be down during a few minutes until reboot is complete and services are correctly restarted.

Start : 11-Dec-2018 0700Z 0800LT

Duration : 5-10 minutes at most

UPDATE: Instances with these IPs / are currently not answering. We are doing our best to fix this as soon as possible

  • Our team has identified the issue, it should be completely fixed soon.
  • Issue has been fixed, everything is back to normal.

Thursday 6th December 2018

DC2 [DC2] interruption service on Room 101 Rack N13 Block N

We have detected an issue in DC2, Room 101 Rack N13 Block N.
Servers are not reachable for the moment.

We are currently investigating.

Update : 07-Dec-2018 1620Z (1720LT)

After multiple physical intervention on rack, block is still not responding and we are unable to restore services.
Impacted customers will be contacted directly by ticket.

Wednesday 5th December 2018

No incidents reported

Tuesday 4th December 2018

No incidents reported

Monday 3rd December 2018

[NETWORK] Global Backbone - Network provider maintenance, scheduled 7 months ago

A preventive maintenance is planned by one of our network providers, you may experience network issues between Amsterdam and Paris (slowness, higher latency...).

Start time : December 3rd, 2018 0000Z (0100LT)
End time : December 3rd, 2018 0200Z (0300LT)

Update : 03-Dec-2018 0950Z (1050LT)

Maintenance went smoothly and services were stable again around 3am LT, as planned.

Web SSL certificate generation interrupted

We have identified an issue with our SSL generation service, it is currently offline for investigation, it shall be restored as soon as possible. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Next update by 04/12/18 0800Z (0900LT)

UPDATE: We have now fixed this issue and the certifiactes are now generating correctly

Sunday 2nd December 2018

DC3 [DC3] interruption service on Room 4-6 Rack F19

We have detected an issue in DC3, Room 4-6 Rack F19. Servers are not reachable for the moment We are currently investigating.


02/12/2018 1820Z (1920LT)

We have fixed it, the switch now answers correctly and the servers are coming back up

Compute Nodes [SCALEWAY] - Data Storage Alerts

We receive alerts from a data store, our team is investigating to identify the root cause and the current impact on customer's services. We will update this status as soon as we have additional details to share.

Compute Nodes [SCALEWAY] - Instances Provisioning Problems

Our teams identified an issue regarding newly instances provisioning and start for PARIS region. We are working to resolve this issue as quickly as possible.

Issue is now fixed, thank you for your patience.

Saturday 1st December 2018

Console [SCALEWAY] - Support ticket unavailability

We are currently facing an issue when opening a support ticket with "TRULY CRITICAL" button on Scaleway. We are working on fixing this.

We have now fixed it. The ticket interface is now working correctly

Friday 30th November 2018

No incidents reported